Job Training Program Helps DC Residents Land Green Jobs

Friday, July 25, 2014

Job Training Program Helps DC Residents Land Green Jobs(Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO)Three recent graduates from CSA’s Building Futures Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Program were honored at a ribbon cutting ceremony Wednesday for a new green roof at DC Water’s Fort Reno Reservoir in Northwest DC.  Following graduation from Building Futures, staff got Leon Green, Trevanoyn Shelton and Anthony Hall into a new Green Roof Maintenance training program through partner DC Greenworks, which was made possible with funding from DC Water, where they joined three other DC residents who also completed the program.  “This whole project combined good environmental policy to reduce water and sewer overflow into our local rivers, with community benefits in the form of training and jobs for local residents,” said George Hawkins, DC Water General Manager.  “These green roofs not only have to be built but maintained to operate as intended, and while they bring beauty to our communities, they also provide living wage jobs to our neighbors.” The graduates have already been hired by a regional green roof maintenance company as Green Roof Maintenance Technicians.  “DC going green is important,” said Leon Green, “but what is most important is the job opportunities going green will provide for DC residents.  I’m so thankful to everyone who helped me get this far.”
Photo (l-r): Building Futures program graduates Trevanoyn Shelton, Leon Green and Anthony Hall with BF Job Developer Andrea Thompson; photo by Kathleen McKirchy


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