2012 Council Minutes

2012.01.23 Executive Board Minutes

2012.01.23 Delegate Minutes

2012.02.27 Executive Board Minutes

2012.02.27 Delegate Minutes

2012.03.19 Executive Board Minutes

2012.03.19 Delegate Minutes

2012.04.23 Executive Board Minutes

2012.04.23 Delegate Minutes
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5.21.2012 Executive Board Minutes

5.21.2012 Delegates Minutes

2012.06.18 Executive Board Minutes

2012.06.18 Delegate Minutes
2012.06.18 Resolution on Labor Hall of Fame
2012.06.18 Resolution Endorsing USPS Hunger Strike Week of Action
2012.09.19 Executive Board Minutes

2012.09.19 Delegate Minutes
2012.09.19 Resolution Supporting WPFW union members
2012.09.19 Resolution in Support of Locked-Out BCTGM workers at American Sugar
2012.09.19 Resolution in Support of Robin Hood Tax Campaign
2012.09.19 Resolution of Support for OPEIU 2 members at SEIU
2012.09.19 Position opposing Montgomery County Ballot Question B
2012.10.15 Exec Board Minutes

2012.10.15 Delegate Minutes

2012.11.19 Exec Board Minutes

2012.11.19 Delegate Minutes

2012.12.17 Exec Board Minutes

2012.12.17 Delegate Minutes

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