Metro Workers -- and a Big Camel -- to Protest at WMATA This Morning

Monday, July 21, 2014

Metro Workers -- and a Big Camel -- to Protest at WMATA This Morning(Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO)

Metro workers, supporters and a 15-foot inflatable camel will rally outside of WMATA headquarters early this morning to denounce WMATA Chair Tom Downs for blocking transit progress in D.C. and for his dual role as Chair of the Board of Advisors at Veolia Transportation. “It’s time for Downs to make a choice between serving the people of DMV and serving his corporate interests,” said Jackie Jeter, president of ATU Local 689, which represents 10,000 WMATA workers and retirees. Since appointing Downs to the WMATA board in 2011, the DC Council has diverted taxpayer funds from Metro buses and trains to fund the Circulator and the new DC Streetcar, privately-operated transit modes managed by companies similar to Veolia. “Transit riders deserve a WMATA Chair who thinks morning, noon and night about improving the lives of the users and workers of public transit,” said ATU International President Larry Hanley. “We do NOT need someone whose role is scheming to undermine the agency he chairs.” photo: the inflatable camel, whose significance will be explained at the rally.


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