"To Kill A King" Play Reading Set for Tonight

Monday, June 30, 2014

(Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO)Josh Ford’s play “TO KILL A KING” is being read at the DC JCC’s Theater J tonight at 7:30 pm. It tells the story of the 1968 sanitation workers strike that brought Martin Luther King Jr. to Memphis where he was assassinated. The play looks at issues of history, destiny and responsibility through the characters of the mayor, Henry Loeb who refused to negotiate with or even recognize the union, Rabbi James Wax who tried to serve as a mediator for the strike, Jerry Wurf, the legendary leader of the AFSCME union; Rev. James Lawson, a major leader in the nonviolent civil rights movement and a former Freedom Rider; T.O. Jones, the former garbageman turned union leader; Mary Gregg Loeb, a former queen of the Cotton Carnival and wife of the mayor; and Cora, an everywoman who seems to know which direction history is heading. Tickets are $10.  


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