Results for Metro-Area Labor-Endorsed Candidates

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Results for Metro-Area Labor-Endorsed Candidates(Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO)

Click here to see how local labor-endorsed candidates did in Tuesday’s Maryland General Assembly and local primaries. In the four key races involving union members, labor notched two wins: in Legislative District 47A, Jimmy Tarlau (CWA District 2-13) topped a field of five candidates, while in District 19, IBEW 26 member Marice Morales also won. Both districts are heavily Democratic, so both Tarlau and Morales are likely to head to Annapolis next year. Calling his win "a big victory for organized labor and for a progressive agenda," Tarlau said that "Union members responded to my message that corporations have to pay their fair share of taxes" and pledged to “help push agenda that expands labor rights and brings more union jobs to Maryland." "Thanks to everyone who ran and congratulations to those who won,” said Metro Council president Jos Williams. “Of course we would have liked to have won more races but win or lose we had an impact in raising issues important to working families in the primaries and we will continue to do that at every level of government in the months ahead.” 


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