Nurses Back Wage Transparency Bill in DC Council

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Nurses Back Wage Transparency Bill in DC Council(Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO)

The more than 200 different wage rates “arbitrarily and unilaterally decided by hospital managers,” at Providence Hospital underscore the necessity for the Wage Transparency Amendment Act, RN Jowita Lyn testified at the DC Council’s Judiciary and Public Safety Committee on Monday. Bill 20-757 would work to address pay disparities based on gender, race and other unjustified reasons, Lyn said, allowing workers “to shed some light on the pay gap between men and women.” While the nurses, members of NNU, are currently in negotiations with management including regarding the issue of wage disparities, Lyn said that “In order to create firm and just standards in the workplace, collective bargaining agreements that concretely address rates of pay – backed up by laws with concrete enforcement mechanisms - are necessary to prevent pay disparities due to gender, race, favoritism or other reasons.”  


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