NNU Testifies in Support of Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

Friday, May 23, 2014

NNU Testifies in Support of Pregnant Workers Fairness Act(Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO)

“All pregnant women need the protections of the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act,” Registered Nurse Deborah Klaus, a member of National Nurses United (NNU), testified last week at the DC City Council. “This includes pregnant nurses who are on their feet for 12-hour-plus shifts taking care of other people. The Act, currently under consideration by the Council, “seeks to create work places in the District that encourage respect, understanding and most importantly safe places where pregnant women can continue working at their jobs,” added Klaus, who works at Children’s Hospital. Testifying on behalf of NNU, Klaus also urged addition of a provision that would ensure the bill’s enforcement and noted that the Patient Protection Act, which is pending before the Health Committee, “would also be important to pregnant women.” 


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