Howard University Hospital Backs Off on Nursing Cutbacks

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Howard University Hospital Backs Off on Nursing Cutbacks(Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO)Howard University Hospital has apparently backed away from planned layoffs of some of its nursing staff — at least for now, reports the Washington Business Journal. In April, union leaders were told “the Howard University Hospital reduction in force is on hold until further notice,” said D.C. Nurses Association staff attorney Ed Smith. They received the notice following a picket outside the hospital's entrance protesting what they called failure to follow negotiated procedures after deciding to lay off nurses (Howard University Hospital Nurses Hit Street Against RIFS 4/10/ UC). “DCNA challenged the Hospital’s decision to seek layoffs as shortsighted and compromising of patient care,” Smith told Union City. “The public supported our picket and, hopefully, Howard University and Howard University Hospital listened.  They can find another way to save money rather than on the backs of health care professionals and the patients.”  photo: at April HUH demo; photo by Chris Garlock


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