Super Shuttle Supporters Stage "Drive Thru Rally" at National Airport

Monday, May 12, 2014

Super Shuttle Supporters Stage (Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO)Dozens of supporters of Super Shuttle drivers at National Airport staged a “drive thru” rally Monday at National Airport after Veolia Transportation – the driver’s parent company – threatened them if they went ahead with plans to stage their own demonstration at the airport. “We’re with you,” declared both NOVA president Dan Duncan and Metro Washington Council president Jos Williams, who joined the drivers and UFCW 1994 president Gino Renne and staff at a pre-demo rally in a nearby parking lot. The drivers and their supporters rallied to bring attention to Veolia's system of what they characterized as "indentured servitude," in which Veolia charges its drivers $35,000 for a "franchise" and then charges them weekly fees for equipment, services and other items even when the driver isn't working. Drivers who often work as much as 18 hours a day can still end their workweek with a negative paycheck. “In claiming these drivers are franchisees, Veolia avoids paying disability insurance, taxes and social security on these workers,” says UFCW 1994. “The company is attempting to intimidate workers with threats of firing for standing up for their rights.” The drivers are attempting to gain union representation with UFCW Local 1994. - report/photos by Chris Garlock


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