Mother Jones Launches DC LaborFest Tomorrow

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mother Jones Launches DC LaborFest Tomorrow(Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO)The first annual DC LaborFest -- a month-long celebration of labor arts -- kicks off tomorrow, Thursday, May 1, with a midday May Day wreath-laying in honor of legendary labor organizer Mary Harris “Mother” Jones’ 184th birthday. Join Metro Washington Council president Jos Williams, wreath-laying organizer Saul Schniderman, David Kameras of the United Mine Workers, UnionPlus president Leslie Tolf and more as they pay tribute to the labor movement icon -- called "the Joan of Arc of the Labor Movement," "the Miners' Angel," "the Most Dangerous Woman in America" and, in her later years, the "Grand Old Champion of Labor" -- and launch the first-ever DC LaborFest. Click here to see and hear Mother Jones speak on May 1, 193012:30p, 2601 Powder Mill Rd Silver Spring, MD 20903 in front of the Hillandale Baptist Church; Schniderman and Marat Moore will share Mother Jones memorabilia after the wreath-laying.


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