Labor Delegation To Lafayette Hunger Strikers' Base Camp Today

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Labor Delegation To Lafayette Hunger Strikers' Base Camp Today(Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO)

Today at 5p, the AFL-CIO is coordinating a labor delegation to the ongoing hunger strike in Lafayette Park. Two weeks ago, a group consisting of several families torn apart by the government’s current deportation policy launched a 30-day hunger strike based across from the White House in Lafayette Park (AFL-CIO Urges Support for Lafayette Park Hunger Strikers 4/12 UC). “The hunger strikers are calling for an end to the inhumane deportations that are tearing apart families and communities across the United States,” reports the AFL-CIO’s Jennifer Angarita. “We hope to have a strong delegation and show of solidarity at today’s labor action. Participants will hear from affected immigrant working families and take part in a speak out/story circle. They are also asking for donations of blankets, bottled water and Pedialyte.” RSVP at


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