AFL-CIO Urges Support for Lafayette Park Hunger Strikers

Saturday, April 12, 2014

AFL-CIO Urges Support for Lafayette Park Hunger Strikers(Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO)

The AFL-CIO is offering logistical and public support to a group of hunger strikers who, starting last week, have been protesting across from the White House, in Lafayette Park. “The group, consisting of several families of immigrants in detention centers or currently in detention proceedings, has come to Washington under the auspices of several of our grassroots partners, including NDLON (the National Day Laborers Organizing Network), the faith-based national network PICO (People Improving Communities through Organizing), Dream Action Coalition (DRM), and others, including United We Dream (UWD),” says the AFL-CIO’s Jon Hiatt. “Through their hunger strike, the participants and their supporters are calling for an end to the inhumane deportations that are tearing communities and families apart, and calling on the Administration to grant administrative relief necessary to accomplish this.” The AFL-CIO has offered the hunger strikers access to their facilities and is urging donations of household items for the hunger strikers, who are in temporary housing for the month: plates, cooking ware, inflatable beds, sheets, chairs, etc. A bin for donated items is being set up in the AFL-CIO’s lobby area (815 16th Street); if you have questions, contact Yanira Merino at  or Kelly Rodriguez at “We are asking all of you to welcome the hunger strikers when you see them, and to offer the same kind of hospitality that you gave the Occupy Movement demonstrators who were based in McPherson Square a couple of years ago,” Hiatt adds.
photos: (top right) 18-year-old hunger striker Cynthia Diaz; photo by Elise Foley/HuffPost; (bottom left): Day 5 of the hunger strike; courtesy NDLON Facebook page 


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