Labor Endorsement Timeline for Maryland Primary Elections Announced

Friday, March 14, 2014

Labor Endorsement Timeline for Maryland Primary Elections Announced(Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO)

The Metro Washington Council’s Committee of Political Education (COPE) has announced the following timeline for labor endorsements in the upcoming Maryland primary elections:
County Offices: March 10: send out questionnaires to County Office candidates; March 19: deadline to return County Office candidate questionnaires; Week of March 24: COPE committees begin candidate interviews; April 5: end County Office candidate interviews.
General Assembly Offices: March 31: send out General Assembly candidate questionnaires; April 9: deadline to return General Assembly candidate questionnaires; Week ofApril 14: begin General Assembly candidate interviews; April 17: Prince George’s & Montgomery County COPE to vote on all endorsement recommendations; April 18: Tri-County COPE to vote all endorsement recommendations; April 21: present COPE recommendations to Metro Washington Council Executive Board for approval and ratification by MWC delegates; April 22: present MWC recommendations to the MD State & DC AFL-CIO COPE and Executive Board for final approval.
- Rick Powell, MWC Political/Legislative Coordinator; Labor-to-Labor photo by Chris Garlock


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