Arbitrator Upholds DC Firefighter Concerns

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Arbitrator Upholds DC Firefighter Concerns(Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO)

DC Firefighters won a resounding victory when a recent arbitration decision adopted all of the union’s positions over those of the DC Fire Department. The arbitrator reserved particularly strong language for a proposed shift change that raises “serious potential safety concerns.” IAFF Local 36 has appealed the Public Employees Relations Board’s (PERB) initial opinion that hours of work are non-negotiable and although the arbitrator ruled in favor of Local 36, his decision will be non-binding should PERB continue to uphold its earlier decision. However, Local 36 president Ed Smith warned that “For the Department to move ahead with the proposed 3/3/3 shift change without addressing the serious concerns identified in the Arbitrator’s decision would be reckless and put the residents and visitors of the District of Columbia at risk.” photo: Metro Council president Jos Williams (left) congratulates IAFF president Ed Smith (right) after swearing him in as a delegate to the Council; photo by Chris Garlock


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