Metro Washington Council AFL-CIO Takes "No Position" in DC Mayor's Race, Two DC City Council Races, Endorses Graham, McDuffie, Thompson and Mendelson, along with Strauss, Lancaster & Allen

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Metro Washington Council AFL-CIO Takes (Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO)

After extensive debate and discussion, the Executive Board and delegates of the Metropolitan Washington Council AFL-CIO voted Monday night to take no position in the upcoming DC mayoral primary, freeing Council affiliates to endorse the candidate of their choice. In DC City Council primary races the following actions were taken: endorsed: Jim Graham (Ward 1), Kenyan McDuffie (Ward 5), Darrel Thompson (Ward 6) and Phil Mendelson (Chair). The Metro Council took no position in the following races: Ward 3 and At-Large. The Council also endorsed Paul Strauss for DC Shadow Senator. The other candidate endorsed by the Metro Council was Frank Lancaster, a retired IBEW member, for Judge in the Charles County Orphans’ Court, and Fred Allen of GCIU was endorsed for the DC Democratic State Committee. “The decision to take no position in the mayor’s race is neither for nor against any particular candidate,” said Metro Council president Joslyn N. Williams. “There are a number of candidates who have been good to labor and we have affiliates who support various candidates; we encourage each of our affiliates to look at all those running and make their own decisions about endorsement and support.” The Metro Washington Council “stands ready to support our affiliates and we look forward to coming together after the primary as we work to improve the lives of working families throughout the metropolitan Washington area,” said Williams.  
In other mayoral endorsement news, UFCW 400 endorsed Vincent Orange on Monday, Feb 24, calling the three-term council member “a fighter for D.C.’s working families” who has a “high-road economic development strategy based on lifting our people and neighborhoods up, rather than sending us on a race to the bottom through poverty jobs.” The Washington Building and Construction Trades Council on Monday endorsed Vincent Gray; the Laborers had endorsed him on Friday. “Mayor Gray understands that the only way for D.C. to have a vibrant middle class is for business and labor to work together to bring good jobs and economic development to the District,” said Dennis L. Martire, LIUNA’s top regional official.
photo: during the debate; photo by Chris Garlock


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