Maryland Renter's Concerns Raised in Annapolis at First

Friday, January 24, 2014

Maryland Renter's Concerns Raised in Annapolis at First(Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO)Renters from across Maryland rolled into Annapolis last week as part of the first-ever "Renter Day in Annapolis," sponsored by the Renters Alliance and a coalition of community, civic and labor locals including UFCW Local 1994, which represents nearly 10,000 public employees. More than 100 renters and activists traveled by bus to meet with dozens of state senators, delegates and state officials to discuss their concerns. The renter activists represented 14 organizations, including civic groups, tenant associations, unions and religious organizations, many of whose members are experiencing excessive rents and rent increases and the transferring of once-included utility and parking costs forcing many renters out of their homes. Renters are also facing neglected maintenance and improvements, noise and toxic dust from property construction and threats of eviction for speaking out to demand promised and legally required services. The Renter Day activists are seeking consideration of these issues by state legislators and officials and seeking support for a "Renters Bill of Rights."


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