HUD Ranks as "Worst Place to Work"; Union Urges Participation

Friday, January 10, 2014

HUD Ranks as (Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO)

The news that the Department of Housing and Urban Development ranked as one of the worst places to work in the Federal Government was no surprise to the union that represents workers there. “Most of us are aware of morale’s downward spiral across the Department in the past few years,” says AFGE 476 president Ashaki Robinson on the local’s website. “As federal employees, we are assaulted on many fronts,” says Robinson. “Conservatives don’t see the utility of federal service and liberals don’t think that we do enough to service our customers. Sadly, it seems as if we are also being attacked from within our agency by upper management that is constantly ‘transforming’ the way that we do business.” Urging Local 476 members to continue to ask  questions, talk to their colleagues, question changes and offer solutions, Robinson says that “Active participation in our union has never been more important, so your voice can be heard!” 


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