DC Administrative Law Judge Organizing Gets Boost from Ruling

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

(Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO)

City administrative law judges (ALJs) seeking to organize (D.C. Administrative Law Judges Organize 4/4/2013 UC) got a boost last week when a hearing examiner ruled in their favor, saying that “there is no conflict of interest, appearance of a conflict of interest or impropriety created by exclusive representation by IFPTE.” Said IFPTE’s Chris Langford, “We find it extremely refreshing to finally get an official DC document that vindicates what we’ve been saying for over a year.” The examiner also indicated that the Mayor's support of the ALJs was a decisive factor. The judges and union say they’re “hopeful that Mayor Gray, along with the City Council, will prevent the Chief from appealing this to Superior Court as part of her strategy to delay these ALJs from activating their right to engage in collective bargaining.” They also continue to push for voluntary recognition of the DC ALJ bargaining unit “so we can be done with this issue and stop wasting taxpayer dollars.” Click here for the examiner's ruling. 


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