Eleven Month Struggle Ends in Victory as Ennis Members Unanimously Ratify Contract

Monday, April 15, 2013

(Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO)Their fight for better living standards lasted nearly a year, but on Saturday, April 6, it ended in a clear victory as Local 400 members working at Ennis Business Forms, Inc., in Chatham, Va., ratified a new collective bargaining agreement. The new contract provides for wage increases and a significant reduction in the employee health benefits contributions, which also increases their take-home pay. This collective bargaining agreement is a tribute to Local 400 members' tenacity and solidarity throughout their long struggle, they never wavered and the result is a first-rate contract that improves their lives. The members work in Ennis' print division, producing business forms and products, including snap sets, continuous forms, laser cut sheets, tags, labels, envelopes, integrated products, jumbo rolls, and pressure sensitive products.


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