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CSA Mission
The Mission of the Community Services Agency (CSA) is to improve the lives of workers and their families by meeting their human and social services needs; by building broad and diverse coalitions to promote and protect dignity and justice for workers; and by empowering workers and their unions to make their communities better, more responsive places to live, work, raise a family and retire.

(May 15, 2014) The Employment Justice Center's Worker's Rights Manual, a primary source for information about the legal rights of workers for lawyers and activists in DC, Maryland and Virginia, is now available on-line at no cost. Read more here: EJC's Worker's Rights Manual Goes Online (5/12 Union City)

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CSA is a campaign participant in United Way of the National Capital Area, the Combined Federal Campaign and the DC One Fund.  Please consider designating your worksite charitable contribution to CSA-United Way and DC One Fund Designation Number 8253; combined Federal Campaign Designation Number 19579.

Online Video Features Building Futures Program Grads, Shows How Contributions Matter
Without the Building Futures (BF) Pre-Apprenticeship program “I would not have had the opportunity to become an electrician,” BF graduate Lisa Kenner says in a new video (below) produced by the IBEW's media department. The Community Services Agency’s program “pretty much built my future,” Kenner adds. “They built the bridge for me to advance to where I want to be.” Other BF graduates explain how the program changed their lives in the 3:35-minute video, which the IBEW produced as part of its United Way campaign ("IBEW Leads United Way Labor Division," UC 11/29/2012). “It’s so important that people contribute,” said CSA’s Client Services Coordinator Sylvia Casaro Dietert. Click here for details – and downloadable flyers – about the United Way, Combined Federal Campaign and DC One Fund campaigns.

CSA Programs:

Emergency Assistance Fund
CSA raises and spends approximately $120,000 annually and assists about 350 families with emergency financial needs- prevention of utility cut-offs and evictions, needed prescriptions, transportation so members can keep working, food, child care and other needs.

Information and Referral Services
CSA annually refers hundreds of metro area residents to community resources for all kinds of social services assistance.

Building Futures Pre-Apprenticeship Training and Placement Program
This program provides a 6-week pre-apprenticeship training program to help low-income individuals and ex-offenders enhance their abilities to secure jobs in the construction industry, or successfully enter registered union apprenticeship programs.   This program has a 80% placement rate.

Lay-off and Strike Preparation and Support for workers and their families

Educational Workshops for Unions and Their Members
CSA provides information and workshops on a variety of topics including budgeting and financial management, retirement planning, preparing for lay-off and job loss, helping co-workers with substance abuse problems, finding care for aging parents, and other topics of interest to workers.

Union Volunteer Recruitment

Through the area’s 180 local unions, CSA works to recruit union volunteers for community projects.  Annually, we generate over 300 individual members for various projects.

CSA can be supported through the United WayDC One FundCombined Federal Campaigns, and the Maryland Charity Campaign. To donate to CSA online, click here: all donations are tax-deductible and are greatly appreciated!

CSA covers Montgomery, Prince George’s, Charles, Calvert and St. Mary’s counties in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Northern Virginia and works with the Metropolitan Washington Council AFL-CIO & the Northern Virginia Area Labor Federation.  As part of the AFL-CIO Community Services Network, CSA has access to the extensive United Way/Labor network across the country and can make referrals for workers in any state.

- Executive Director:
Kathleen McKirchy
202-974-8221 (office)
202-974-8152 (fax)

- Building Futures & Client Services Coordinator Coordinator, Bilingual Services:
Sylvia Casaro Dietert
202-974-8223 (office)

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CSA relies on the support of workers, their unions, and the general public.  CSA can be supported through the United Way, DC One Fund, Combined Federal Campaigns, and the Maryland Charity Campaign. 


· 8253 for UNITED WAY and DC ONE FUND




To donate to CSA online, click here.
All donations are tax-deductible and are really greatly appreciated!


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