Infrastructure Rally Calls for Rebuilding America

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Infrastructure Rally Calls for Rebuilding America(Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO)A midday rally on Thursday in front of the AFL-CIO headquarters will focus on the vital need for upgrading infrastructure in the U.S. AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka will speak and Metro Council president Jos Williams will emcee the rally, which is part of Infrastructure Week 2014. “Putting money in roads and bridges is like planting seed corn,” Trumka said. “Investing in good jobs yields a good return. When you put seed in the ground, you get something to harvest. When you put cement in the ground, you get roads. When you put steel in the ground, you get train tracks.” Trumka pointed to a recent American Society of Civil Engineers report that said the country needs to spend $3.6 trillion just to make sure that the current infrastructure in the U.S. doesn't fall apart, with a similar investment needed to create the next generation infrastructure to grow the economy. Follow updates on infrastructure week on Twitter using the hashtag #RebuildRenew and learn more about Thursday's 1p Jobs and Infrastructure Rally here


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